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For commercial questions contact: sales@eparts.aero

For technical support and installation difficulties contact: support@eparts.aero

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For general inquiries contact: info@eparts.aero

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Frequently Asked Questions


Payments are handled securely by WooCommerce and Stripe. Stripe is a major worldwide payment service provider. You can pay with any major credit card and some local payment methods like iDeal. Stripe also handles applicable taxes if a valid VAT number has been provided

There are several discounts available:

Volume discounts from 10% (2 users) to 50% (more than 19 users);

Bundle discounts (depend on bundle size and content);

Authority / non-profit discounts: 15%;

Renewal discounts 15% when renewing your subscription before the expiry date (you receive an renewal invitation a few weeks before the expiry date).

To download an invoice for your order(s) proceed as follows:

Go to <My Account>;

Login with your username and password;

Click on <Orders> and click on <View>;

Here you will find an overview of your order(s) and the payments you made.

After ordering and successful payment in the webshop, the licence code(s) for your order are immediately sent to the email address entered during the purchase. Using these code(s) you can register and activate your account at https://eparts.online and start using ePARTS.online immediately.

Sure you can. In the webshop there is a link to a coupon code. This code can be used during check-out and gives you a free 7-day trial for the ePARTS.online package of your choice. No strings attached.


Click on the blue “+” icon in front of one of the elements of the package that you want to add. This will bring you to the add package page. If you /your company has an licence code, enter the licence code and click <Activate book> If you do not have a licence code, purchase a licence from the webshop or send a request to sales@eparts.aero

The new user can register on https://eparts.online using a valid licence code. Note that subscriptions are personal and cannot be shared with other users. For additional users there is a discounted subscription rate.

Yes, companies that purchase multiple packages or bundles may assign a company administrator. The administration can manage the account by adding or deleting users within the subscription


The most important benefits are:

▪ ePARTS.online is updated within a few business days. The EASA Easy Access Rules are out of date most of the time, sometimes more than a year;

▪ In ePARTS.online you can show the recent changes with a click of a button;

▪ ePARTS.online clearly distinguishes regulations that are not yet applicable from the current regulations (green and red frames);

▪ ePARTS.online includes links to other regulations and proposed new regulations (EASA opinions);

▪ You can add personal notes to each (sub)article. These note remain available after updates of the (sub)article; 

▪ You can add personal bookmarks to jump immediately to (sub)articles of your choice.

Yes, ePARTS.online has a function to print the article or subarticle that you have selected. Depending on the selected tab, it will print the Rule, the AMC, the GM or all of them (combi window tab). A pdf file is generated and can be saved to your computer and printed to a printer of your choice.

The search function in the top right of the screen can search in the selected Part for:

▪ Individual words (e.g. manager);

▪ Exact combination of words using quotes (e.g. “accountable manager”);

▪ Two words in a (sub)article using AND (e.g. accountable AND manager);

▪ One or more words using OR (e.g. accountable OR manager). 

All searches are case unsensitive. Then whole database is indexed, so searching is very fast.

A ePARTS.online user manual can be downloaded from the <support> page A separate user manual for company administrators is available upon request, contact support@eparts.aero.

On a smartphone, the Rule Selection Menu is hidden by default to provide optimal screen real estate. Click on the hamburger icon in the top left to toggle on or off the Rule Selection Menu.

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