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Finding the current applicable EASA regulations is difficult and time consuming. The information is published in several different documents. Each of which is amended regularly without notification. Consolidated documents are incomplete and frequently out of date (see status overview of EASA Easy Access Rules per 8 May 2020). This means that aviation professionals and organisations have to search the EASA website for the original document, amendments, amendments to amendments et cetera.

ePARTS solves these problems forever. EASA regulations are now available in complete, current, consolidated and clickable ebooks. At this moment, ePARTS are available for the following regulations:

ePARTS provide a huge added value to other publications (see the comparison table or an example of the content of ePART-145).

Read more on this website, try it by downloading a demo version and subscribe. You will save time and you will always be up to date.

Since the introduction in September 2010, more than 1000 users have subscribed to
PARTS. Several European and third country authorities have selected ePARTS to ensure user-friendly access to complete and up-to-date regulatory information.

ePARTS are also available as iPARTS
for use on an iPad or other tablet. <Read more>.