ePARTS Digital Regulations


ePARTS present the EU/EASA regulations in a clear user-friendly lay-out that is complete, current and consolidated. The Rule Selection Menu, tabs, hyperlinks, buttons, personal bookmarks and a super fast search function lead you to the regulatory information in your subscription. Now, that is what we call Easy Access! We honestly believe it does not get much better that this.


The package deal

ePARTS come as packages. Each package includes

  • The selected Part with its Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material;
  • The Basic Regulation;
  • The corresponding Implementing Act or Delegated Act;
  • Any referenced documents, rules and forms;
  • Relevant other regulations, like Information Security or Occurrence Reporting;
  • Any outstanding EASA Opinions (proposed regulations);
  • Any relevant and important decisions by the EASA Executive Director.

What exactly is included in a certain package is indicated in the shop. So, no more searching in different publications! 

New requirements that are published but are not yet applicable (e.g. because of a transition period) are also included in the ePARTS packages and clearly distinguished from the current text by means of red and green frames. This is a unique feature.

Now, that’s what we call complete!

Up-to-date information

The EU/EASA requirements and related documents are amended from time to time. EASA does not provide a notification of this. You need to look for amendments yourself.

ePARTS do this work for you. Where updates of the EASA Easy Access Rules may take months or even more than a year, the ePARTS database is updated within a few business days. Subscribers receive an update notification and have immediate access to the new requirement. With a click of a button you can even see what changes have been introduced in the amendment. Yet another unique and very useful feature.

New requirements that will become applicable in the future is included in ePARTS and placed in green frames with the applicability date. The old text remains in ePARTS in red frames until it is no longer applicable.


Amendments to EU/EASA publications are released as separate documents. This means that you have to consult the original document, amendments, amendments to amendments et cetera. In this maze of information you may miss important content.

ePARTS have all amendments consolidated into the regulatory text. This ensures quick and easy access to the current EASA regulations.

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