ePARTS Digital Regulations


Because the EASA regulations are amended regularly, ePARTS come as an annual subscription. During this subscription period users have unlimited access to our regulatory database for the packages in their subscription.

Subscription fees differ per ePARTS package. Considerable discounts are available for bundles of ePARTS packages and for additional users. Visit the Shop page for more information on fees and to order access to the ePARTS package(s) of your choice.

The subscription automatically expires after one year. So there will be no unexpected invoices for automatic renewals. Amply before the expiration date subscribers will receive an offer to renew their subscription at a 15% reduced fee.

is evolving

Now, ePARTS have developed into an online database that can be accessed from any device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone). This provides the following advantages:

  • No more need to download files
  • No more dependence on certain pdf readers
  • Fully responsive, also works perfectly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Includes EASA opinions and other relevant documents
  • Data is updated within days after publication
  • Easy navigation with rule selection menu, tabs (Rule, AMC, GM) and hyperlinks
  • Bookmarks to your personal favourites in Parts, Sections, Subparts or (sub)articles
  • Clear indication of future applicability dates for new requirements (green and red frames)
  • Amendments introduced in new revisions can be shown (per revision or per article)
  • Superfast search function
  • Possibility to add personal notes to (sub) articles
  • and more.

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