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EASA Part-M covers maintenance and continuing airworthiness management. ePART-M includes the following:

ePART-M includes sections A and B of EASA Part-M.

The current version is 30.28.24 of May 2021. It includes information from more than 13 source documents, including EU 2021/700 and ED Decision 2020/023/R.

ePART-M comprises more than 700 pages, with more than 7000 hyperlinks, buttons and structured bookmarks for easy and fast navigation.

ePART-M has pop-ups over all hyperlinks. These will show a key-word or phrase indicating where the link will lead you. This makes the text easier to read. Other features include a "check-for-updates" button, clear page lay-out and a direct link to the table of contents on every page.

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