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EASA Part-145 covers maintenance organisations for large aircraft, aircraft used in commercial air transport and components of these aircraft.

ePART-145 includes the following:

ePART-145 includes both sections A and B of EASA Part-145. It comprises approximately 265 pages from more than 10 source documents. More than 1800 hyperlinks, buttons and structured bookmarks help you navigate easily and quickly through these regulatory materials.

The current version is 30.27.23 of May 2021. This revision includes EU 2021/700 and ED Decision 2020/002/R.

ePART-145 has pop-ups over all hyperlinks. These will show a key-word or phrase indicating where the link will lead you. This makes the text easier to read. Other features include a "check-for-updates" button, clear page lay-out and a direct link to the table of contents on every page.

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