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System requirements

ePARTS require Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (Pro) versions 10.0 (X) or higher. Please make sure you have a recent version. The current version of the free Adobe Reader can be downloaded at the following link:

Get Adobe Reader



ePARTS come as a protected pdf file, that can be unlocked and read with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (pro).

Instructions for installation and unlocking are provided with your order and can be downloaded here. These also provide some hints to make optimal use of the features of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (Pro). Do not run ePARTS in your browser window. The browser pdf reader plug-ins usually have limited functionality.



Some tips to get most out of your ePARTS can be downloaded here


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the questions most frequently asked. Make sure to consult these before contacting ePARTS.

Q1. Can I print a hard copy of my ePARTS pdf file? A1

Q2. Can I copy and paste sections of ePARTS to other documents? A2

Q3. Can I install ePARTS on my laptop as well? A3

Q4. Is there a discount if I buy more copies of ePARTS? A4

Q5. How do I navigate back after following a hyperlink? A5

Q6. Can I use ePARTS in a split screen mode? A6

Q7. How fast are ePARTS updated after publication of an amendment? A7

Q8. How is the continuity of service guaranteed? A8

Q9. Can I make annotations to my ePARTS? A9


A1. YES you can! Since January 2018 you can print a hard copy of your ePARTS. However, use this feature carefully. Some ePARTS are (much) more than 1000 pages, so printing would generate a huge document. Obviously, information is no longer easily accessible because hyperlinks bookmarks and buttons do not work.

Furthermore, printed versions can become out of date, whereas the digital versions are kept up to date automatically.



A2. Normal copying and pasting of text is possible in ePARTS. However, in this way all formatting is lost. If you want to retain formatting, you may use screen captures to copy sections to other documents. Please read the information leaflet on copying and pasting on how to do this.



A3. Yes you can!. Each subscription is for one single user. This user may install the ePART on his or her desktop computer and on a laptop or net book computer. Simply follow the same process as when installing on the desk top.



A4. Yes, discounts are available for multiple orders. Please contact sales for a quote. sales@eparts.aero



A5. Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat have excellent navigation tools for this, called <previous view> and <next view>. It is highly recommended to use these tools.

If these tools are not visible in your tool bar, amend the tool bar by right clicking on it and adding them by selecting these additional navigation tools. The installation instructions provide a detailed description on how to perform this task.



A6. Yes you can. If your version of Adobe Acrobat supports this feature. You can use it by selecting the split screen option in the <window> menu. This is particularly useful if you want to view the rule and the corresponding acceptable means of compliance or guidance material in one window.



A7. After publication of an amendment on the EASA website, ePARTS are updated as soon as possible. Normally within a few business days and whenever possible before the date when the amendment becomes effective. Obviously the time required to update the ePART will depend on the scope of the amendment. So a fixed term cannot be given. Until now ePARTS have been updated at or before the effectivity date.



A8. ePARTS are published by Jargon Aviation Consultancy. Jargon is in business for more than 17 years now as a consulting and training organisation. Hence continuity of service can be counted upon. Should the access or update service discontinue anyway for whatever reason, the Terms and Conditions entitle subscribers to a refund for the time that their subscription did not work.



A9. You can add notes and comments (annotations) to your ePARTS. However these will not be automatically transferred to a new or amended document. The annotations need to be exported first and then imported in the new or amended file. In most cases this will require some manual editing. Please read the information leaflet on annotations first.