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Because the EASA regulations are amended regularly, hard copy books become out of date rapidly. ePARTS also need to remain up to date. For this reason ePARTS come as an annual subscription. During this period the users are automatically informed about amendments and receive an updated copy of their digital book. The changes with respect to the previous version are clearly identified.

Subscription fees differ per ePART. Considerable discounts are available for bundles of ePARTS and for multiple users. Visit the Subscribe now page for more information on fees and to order the ePARTS of your choice.

The subscription automatically expires after one year. So there will be no unexpected invoices for automatic renewals. Amply before the expiration date subscribers will receive an offer to extend their subscription at a 15% reduced fee.

New versions of ePARTS are also issued if additional functionality becomes available, like new references and links, or improvements suggested by users.