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ePARTS provide you with all the EASA regulations in a clear user-friendly lay-out that is complete, current and consolidated. ePARTS were designed as digital documents. Clickable hyperlinks and buttons, sorted bookmarks and search functions provide easy and fast access to the information in the books.


The EASA regulations are published in different documents. Basic Regulation, Implementing Rules, Parts, Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material. These documents refer to each other and to other rules and publications. ePARTS integrate the relevant elements of these referenced documents, rules and forms into one complete digital book. No more searching! See the content of ePART-145 as an example.
ePARTS also include EASA Opinions (proposed regulations) and important decisions of the EASA Executive Director. Even requirements that are no longer in the rule but are still applicable (e.g. because of a transition period) are in the ePARTS. This is unique and that's what we call COMPLETE!


The EU/EASA requirements and related documents are amended from time to time. EASA does not provide a notification of this. You need to look for amendments yourself.
PARTS do this work for you. As soon as an amendment has been published, the digital book is updated, you are notified and your copy of ePARTS is replaced by an updated copy. Within days, not months!

New requirements that will become applicable in the future is included in ePARTS and placed in green frames with the applicability date. The old text remains in ePARTS in red frames until it is no longer applicable


Amendments to EU/EASA publications are released as separate documents. This means that you have to consult the original document, amendments, amendments to amendments et cetera. In this maze of information you may miss important content.
PARTS have all amendments consolidated into one digital book. This ensures quick and easy access to the current EASA regulations.


ePARTS are digital documents with hundreds, sometimes thousands of structured bookmarks, hyperlinks and references. This unique feature enables you to quickly and easily navigate the document. From one article to another or to the corresponding AMC or GM. From Section A to Section B. To Appendices, Forms or relevant elements from other regulations or documents. The information you want is never more than a mouse click away.
NEW! Hyperlinks now have pop-up messages identifying the content of the link target. This makes navigating even more user friendly. Often a reminder is enough for users to remember what the referenced article is about and to decide if they really want to go there or not.
Since ePARTS are pdf documents you can search and navigate using all available tools in Adobe ® Reader or Adobe ® Acrobat (Pro).


Compare with other solutions

ePARTS provide a huge added value as compared to other available solutions as is illustrated in the comparison table. Try it yourself and download a demo version.