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Jargon Aviation Consultancy

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Screenshots      Demo version      Demo video

Below are a number of screenshots illustrating some features of ePARTS. The consolidated EASA Part-145 is used as an example.
Mouse over the image to show these features.

Main screen with buttons to navigate to AMC or GM and hyperlinks to other articles or other documents, like (in the case of EASA Part-145) Part-M


Main screen of AMG, GM or opinions in different colours, with buttons to directly navigate back to rule and hyperlinks to other articles or other documents


Screenshots      Demo version      Demo video

A demonstration version of ePART-145, the consolidated EASA Part-145, is available for evaluation. You can download the demo by right-clicking the link below and saving the file to your computer. Open the file in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Opening and reading in your browser may limit available features.

This password-protected demo file
shows the main features of ePARTS

Use the following password: Demo

Note that this demonstration version of the consolidated EASA Part-145
has limited functions, is incomplete and is not updated.
Do not use it as a reference!


Screenshots      Demo version      Demo video

Click here to watch a flash video or click the YouTube video below.